Viking Rage Now Available For Rift With New Trailer

Viking Rage Now Available For Rift With New Trailer
August 12, 2017

Rain down the gods' wrath upon your enemies!


Viking Rage  is out now for Oculus Rift and can be purchased for $8.99 / €8.99 / £5.99 on Steam. It's also still available well as for the HTC Vive.


Together with the release there's a huge content update too: Enter Helheim, a brand new area with new enemies, storming at you in one large wave without a gate to defend. Also, you'll find mighty abilities to unleash on your foes. The following features will be available additionally:


  • * Access to all levels will be granted from the start, all mini games are unlocked as well.
  • * All weapons are unlocked now, so you've got the whole arsenal worthy of a raging Viking.
  • * Kill the Valraven to turn into a mighty giant, able to crush your enemies like toys.
  • * Be aware of the Testral and his shield, as arrows will break upon impact and thrown axes will deflect right back at you.
  • * A new mighty weapon is hidden in Asgard. Find it and harness its power!
  • * New sounds and music were added, with even more to come.


About Viking Rage


Axes up! Bows drawn! Raise your horns!


Trolls, kobolds and other mythical creatures have it in for the fortress of the Vikings - and these are exactly who you're gonna beat up left and right in Viking Rage.


Thanks to virtual reality, in this tower defense game with a twist you are right in the middle of the action, which might even make a bearded raider cry! No use for fast clicking - you've got the controllers and with that the protection of your village in your hands, so go all out and:


  • * Throw axes and bombs
  • * Shoot arrows with your longbow or crossbow
  • * Play around with different elements
  • * Surprise the intruders with traps

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