Vertigo Remastered Release Date Announced

Vertigo Remastered Release Date Announced
July 10, 2020

Get ready to head back into the weird world of Planck Interdimensional; Vertigo Remastered’s release date was just announced.


The VR overhaul will be arriving on 21 July. Developer Zulubo Productions just confirmed as much in a release date announcement trailer you can see below. The game will launch for $24.99 on SteamVR with support for all PC VR headsets but, if you have the original Vertigo already, you’ll get it for free. We’d already confirmed the game would be launching in late July at our VR Showcase: Summer Edition last month.


Vertigo Remastered is a top to bottom makeover for the 2016 original, featuring completely revamped graphics and brand new features like new enemies and an upgrade tree system. The game leads right into Vertigo 2, which Zulubo is working on too. A demo for the sequel released late last year.


We called the original version of Vertigo a decent stab at an indie Half-Life but, based on what we’ve played of the Vertigo 2 demo, we’re hopeful that this remaster will push the game beyond that. The game has a clear affection for Valve’s iconic series (and Zulubo’s Zach Tsiakalis Brown went to work with the team for a bit post-release), but maintains its own identity with a touch of comedy.


The game marks a big release for PC VR headsets in a month largely dominated by new PSVR and Oculus Quest games. In fact, it’s arriving just a day before the launch of Dreams’ PSVR support and two days before In Death: Unchained on Oculus Quest. A pretty busy week for VR fans, then.

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