Valve Has Put 2 Popular Games On The Path to VR

Valve Has Put 2 Popular Games On The Path to VR
October 26, 2016

Valve is a video game developer with a huge cult following. When it comes to this industry, selecting tops and lists can be hard, but it is mostly unanimous that Valve is responsible for some of the best and most played games ever – Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Portal, Half-Life and DOTA all come to mind.
Despite their undeniable success, Valve constantly seeks innovation. Back in 2003, the company launched Steam, a digital distribution platform that, among other things, provides users with the installation and automatic updating of games. Now, and after several novelties throughout the years, Valve is bringing some of its most popular titles to the virtual reality world.
According to the YouTube channel Valve News Network, the company may be working to develop a new Half-Life. Unfortunately for the fans, it’s not the highly anticipated third title of this franchise, one of the most popular ever.
They found this by examining the source code of Steam VR, Valve’s very own virtual reality system, where they found a piece of code referencing a possible Half-Life VR. Along with this, they also found assets of Half-Life in 360 degrees, which also hints to the possibility of a virtual reality game.
In addition, they found codes with references to names of weapons and scenarios, which lead them to believe that this game exists and is already in an advanced stage of development. If confirmed, the game should be exclusively launched on Vive, the VR headset built by HTC in partnership with Valve.
Despite this news, Valve is yet to confirm this virtual reality version of Half-Life, so this is to be considered as a rumor (built on strong bases, though). However, another Valve title, DOTA 2, has been confirmed for trip into the virtual reality world.
DOTA 2 is one of the most played video games at the moment, and one of the latest Steam updates brought a big novelty to the game. With it, Valve revamped DOTA 2’s MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena by adding a VR spectator mode.
Valve seems to be diving deep into the virtual reality industry, one that is changing the paradigm of several areas. This could be huge because, with its dimension and popularity, Valve is thought of as a trend setter and it could pave the way for other big video game developers to follow.

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