Valve Doesn't Have VR Titles Planned After Half-Life Alyx

Valve Doesn't Have VR Titles Planned After Half-Life Alyx
March 29, 2020

Beloved PC games developer Valve has said that it doesn't have any more virtual reality projects in the works.


That's according to developer Greg Coomer, who told UploadVR that the company doesn't have three more games that use the tech in the works as previously reported. This comes in the wake of the launch of VR-exclusive title Half-Life Alyx, which was released yesterday (Monday, March 23rd).


It's the third title that Valve has released since the end of 2018, following a break in game development from 2013's Dota 2. Card game Artifact was released in November 2018, before auto battler title Dota Underlords was released in the summer of 2019.


“All the resource for VR game development later in the cycle, during Alyx’s development, all of those resources got moved onto Alyx,” Coomer explained. “So at the moment, no, there aren’t three other titles in development. But, as for what’s coming, we don’t really have something new or newsworthy for you to say: ‘Once Alyx is out the door here’s what you should expect to have happen.'”


He continued: “We haven’t made actually any plans about [VR]. So I think we’ve– obviously we get that question from many people. Also like, what exactly is coming next for VR? Also what’s coming next for Half-Life? We really– we’ve been working on this for four years and we’re really excited because the reception before the game is out seems to be really quite positive, so far.”

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