Unearthing Mars Now Available For PSVR In Asia

Unearthing Mars Now Available For PSVR In Asia
January 19, 2017

PlayStation VR sci-fi adventure title Unearthing Mars is now available via Sony’s online store in Asia, with multiple audio languages – including English – included at launch.


Unearthing Mars sees players sent on a mission to the Red Planet, tasked with retrieving remnants of the missing satellite Phobos. Instead, they uncover what they believe to be the vestiges of an ancient civilization.


Users take on the role of co-pilot, who must explore Mars having forced a landing amidst a sandstorm. The game combines first-person shooter, adventure and puzzle-solving elements.


Developed by Taiwanese studio Winking Entertainment, Unearthing Mars retails at approximately $12 USD depending on which Asian PlayStation Store you visit; no news on a possible Western release has yet been revealed.

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