"Unearthing Mars" To Join The PSVR Game List

"Unearthing Mars" To Join The PSVR Game List
December 31, 2016

Winking Entertainment's "Unearthing Mars" will soon join the PlayStation VR game list. The much-anticipated VR adventure game is expected to blow players away because of its detailed graphics and immersive gameplay.


Set on the mysterious Red Planet, "Unearthing Mars" will have gamers play as a co-pilot and assist the Commander during the mission. Ravaging sandstorms await players and the commander as they explore Mars, navigate landing crafts and drives a Mars rover. The game will allow players to resolve challenges from a variety of game genres from puzzle-solving to first-person shooting and more.


"Unearthing Mars," the PlayStation VR title from Winking Entertainment, will launch via the PlayStation Store in Asia on January 19, 2017. The game will be available in three different languages- English, Chinese, and Korean for players to choose. The same applies to subtitles as well. Players can choose from a combination of these languages and subtitles that suit their need.

Future possibilities for PlayStation VR

This first person shooter and puzzle game will surely keep players intrigued by both the beauty of the surroundings and a mission that drives the story forward. This game for the PlayStation VR opens new possibilities and promotion of the platform in the future, which is good for those who want to experience in-depth immersion.

The trailer can be viewed below from Winking Entertainment via YouTube. The new trailer showcases what players will be doing in the game, alien invasions and end of the world-style shootouts against War of the Worlds-esque machines.

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