UK: Grab Your PSVR For £290 Before It's Too Late

UK: Grab Your PSVR For £290 Before It's Too Late
July 3, 2017

Sony's reality-bending headset may not have enjoyed a great debut year in terms of games, but at least you can temporarily pick one up for a relative steal.


ShopTo is currently flogging PlayStation VR for a decidedly reasonable £289.85. In sharp (wallet-bashing) contrast, I purchased one on eBay late last year for £400. Boy, do I ever have the buyer's remorse.


£290 is still quite the outlay, and you'll still need to buy a PlayStation Camera and a pair of Move controllers to get the best VR experience, but considering the amount of tech stuffed into Sony's headgear, it's unlikely to get much cheaper than this deal. Though my unit may sadly be gathering dust in the corner of the living room, I had a hoot with Batman: Arkham VRUntil Dawn: Rush of Blood, and weirdly, this kookie little dino romp, Time Machine VR.


Granted, three bite-sized games probably don't justify dropping £300, but hey, maybe Sony will release loads of bespoke, triple-A experiences for PS VR between now and Christmas. That seems likely, right?

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