Two Jam Studio VR Apps Come To Vive Focus

Two Jam Studio VR Apps Come To Vive Focus
December 23, 2018

Could this mean a western release is not far behind?


Musical apps have gone down well with virtual reality (VR) gamers, with the likes of Beat Saber and Electronauts being two of the best known. Last year Beamz Interactive in conjunction with Vive Studios released interactive music performance app Jam Studio VR, followed by an Education & Health Care Edition in October. Now the studio’s have announced that both VR titles are available for standalone headset, the HTC Vive Focus.

In Jam Studio VR users can compose and play musical scores, with over 20 interactive songs from a host of music genres to help unleash their inner musician.


While the Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Edition is much more focused on learning and therapeutic exercises,  which includes detailed Lesson Plans, an Overview Therapy Guide, a Professional Therapy Protocols Guid, Music Instrument Discovery, Music Appreciation, Music Fundamentals Education Series for all ages and much more. All designed family, friends, schools, special needs organizations, therapy and rehab facilities, and professionals.


Bringing these two apps to HTC Vive Focus will mean users have a lot more freedom when it comes to enjoying them in an open, unrestricted environment.

“Our goal is to create a whole new category of interactive music and gaming applications that takes advantage of Virtual Reality technology as well as HTC’s new leading-edge standalone VR Products. Jam Studio VR delivers just that!” said Charlie Mollo, Beamz Interactive’s CEO in a statement. “We also plan to create a whole new category of education & health care music applications and content that take advantage of Virtual Reality and Beamz technology and platform to bring a new learning and therapy approach for a wide range of individuals.


“We believe the Jam Studio VR’s Education & Health Care Edition delivers the first instalment on this potential! Using our advanced triggering and synchronization technology and IP position, we’re able to create a truly unique interactive music experience that makes it easy and exciting to engage people of all ages and skill levels and provide a broad variety of learning and therapy benefits while they are just having fun.”


“Jam Studio VR is at the forefront of creating a new category of interactive music, Education, and Health Care Apps for VR. We are very excited to partner with Beamz and develop these leading-edge interactive music performance applications for Focus”, said Joel Breton, VP of Vive Studios. “These family-friendly Apps will lead the way for how users create and experience music in VR as well as receive a variety of learning and therapeutic benefits.”


Currently, HTC Vive Focus is only available for purchase in China. The company did state earlier in the year that a 2018 launch for the standalone headset was on the cards, but with just over two weeks to go, that’s looking less and less likely. HTC might now wait until CES 2019 in January to make the big announcement.


At any rate Jam Studio VR and Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Edition are available now for the HTC Vive Focus for $19.99 and $24.99 USD respectively. 

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