Try To Stay On Track With Your V-Racer Hoverbike

Try To Stay On Track With Your V-Racer Hoverbike
April 10, 2018

V-Racer Hoverbikes is similar to classic N64 racing title Extreme-G where players fly around tracks not only trying to stay on course but also utilising an array of weaponry to give themselves an advantage. In its current form V-Racer Hoverbikes has four tracks available, with the first two being an easier introduction while the latter two ramp up the difficulty.


There are three gameplay modes to choose from, Combat Race, Time Trial and Party Mode. Combat Race is the main attraction pitting players against AI characters in three, five or seven laps races. To win not only to they need to ride well they’ll also need to make sure they pickup missiles, shields, mines, boosts and other items off the track as often as possible. Time Trial is your classic race against the clock, no opponents or power-ups, just you, the bike and the track. While Party mode is a local turn-based time trial challenge.


As you’ll be able to see from the gameplay video below coming first is easier said than done learning how to effectively lean into corners whilst trying to get missiles to lock on. The tracks aren’t the insane gravity defying challenges like those found on WipEoutemulating more realistic designs. They just happen to have hoverbikes racing round them.


V-Racer Hoverbikes may not be out yet but VertezBreakers has already outlined its plans for early access development. These include continually adding more tracks, more weapons, a career mode where players can participate in championships, win stars and XP, and lastly a fully fledged online multiplayer.

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