These PSVR Games Will Be Available at Launch

These PSVR Games Will Be Available at Launch
October 2, 2016
Sony’s foray into the world of Virtual Reality is almost here! The cheapest of the main virtual reality headsets, the PlayStation VR will be available starting October 13 for $400. Those looking to pick one up will need to be wary of a few setup requirements, including 60 sq. feet of space and the PS4 camera, among other things. During E3, it was announced that the PSVR would support more than 50 games by the end of the year, with many launching alongside the peripheral itself. As a handy guide, here’s the complete list of games set to release with the PSVR.
Featured Games

Batman Arkham VR
A specal side experience built exclusively for PSVR, Batman Arkham VR gives you the chance to step into the Batsuit and solve a mystery using Batman’s superior detective skills.

EVE: Valkyrie
The space combat game that has shown off the tech of the other major VR headsets, EVE Valkyrie will also be available at launch. 
Job Simulator
One of the quirkier VR titles to launch this year, Job Simulator is essentially a sandbox game in which players take up seemingly mundane jobs like being a store clerk or working in an office. It things get a bit unhinged and hilarity ensues.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
A tense cooperative game, Keep Talking and Noboy Explodes puts you and your friends in the stressful position of disarming a bomb before it explodes. The person wearing the VR helmet will have to cut wires and rearrange various aspects of the bomb, while their friends read to them from a manual across the room.

Rez Infinite
The follow-up to the 2001 original, Rez Infinite brings bizarre, trippy gameplay to the PlayStation VR with brilliant visuals and music. It’s a sensory experience capitalizing on the unique aspects of VR.
Super Hypercube
A first-person puzzle game with visuals inspired by designs from the ‘70s and ‘80s, Super Hypercube is a flashy throwback making use of VR’s uniquely immersive capabilities.
A “rhythm violence” game, Thumper features a completely unique soundtrack made specifically to coincide with its rhythm-based gameplay.
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The VR exclusive follow-up to the surprise horror hit Until Dawn, Rush of Blood drops you inside a creepy on-rails arcade shooter filled with all manner of scares.
Volume: Coda
An expansion for the original stealth action game Volume, Coda brings 30 brand new levels, new voice actors, and an all-new VR setting exclusive to Sony’s hardware.

Everything Else Releasing on Day One

100ft Robot Golf
DriveClub VR
Eagle Flight
Harmonix Music VR
Hustle Kings VR
PlayStation VR Worlds
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
Robinson: The Journey
Super Stardust Ultra VR
Tumble VR
The Playroom VR
Wayward Sky

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