TendAR's Virtual Fish Responds To Your Emotions

TendAR's Virtual Fish Responds To Your Emotions
March 22, 2018

Tender Claws is planning to launch a new augmented reality game called 'TendAR' in the summer of this year that features "a fish-like creature who becomes increasingly sentient." The game draws players in with its environmental storytelling, augmented reality and technology that is capable of recognizing both faces and emotions. In TendAR, the fish creature called 'Guppy' responds to users' facial expressions and sustains itself by consuming the emotions of others. 


The app combines ARCore with the Google Cloud API, which powers the computer vision and object recognition systems. While there are a number of next-generation augmented reality game experiences that draw players in with unique experiences and visuals, experimental games like TendAR are emerging to offer a take on complex subjects such as human emotions.

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