Table Soccer Finds A Second Life In Virtual Reality!

Table Soccer Finds A Second Life In Virtual Reality!
March 31, 2018

If you enjoy playing tabletop soccer with your friends then you will be happy to her that Switzerland based developer Kynoa is working on a VR foosball experience. The fully-integrated solution is designed for an out of home VR experience that mixed the nostalgia of the arcade with the thrill of the latest technology. The spectacular VR competitive tabletop arcade title puts players up against each other in the usual tabletop soccer way only this time it is brought to life thanks to the head-mounted displays (HMDs) that each player is wearing, opening a window into a futuristic game of soccer where robots rule the pitch.


Players will still make use of the traditional arcade design by pulling the controls that most will be familiar with as they try to score against their opponent. Pull and push the bar to position your players and snip it to block, shoot and hopefully score. Kynoa hope to see Koliseum Soccer VR installed in out-of-home locations such as entertainment venues, shopping mails, cruise ships and more with the goal of bringing the arcade into a new era. You can check out a video of Koliseum Soccer VR in action here.

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