Successful Year: 6 Million Kills On EVE Valkyrie

Successful Year: 6 Million Kills On EVE Valkyrie
April 9, 2017

Last week saw CCP Games celebrate the first anniversary of EVE: Valkyrie launching on Oculus Rift. The studio marked the occasion with a double XP week bonus for players, allowing them to level up faster and unlock more upgrades. Since launch players have built up a massive amount of hours in-game along with kills, and CCP Games has shared some of those stats with VRFocus.


First of ships. Everyone playing will have a personal favourite, whether they like to be quick and nibble, or have rock solid armour to survive the most heavy of engagements. But there’s always going to be that one choice most players prefer and hardly surprising to see its the combat focused Wraith.


As a multiplayer focused title with a single-player element there’s plenty to keep players busy depending on the type of challenge they’re after. While sessions can be as long or short as they want CCP Games has found that low level players tend to average around 45 minutes per session, while more experienced players who’ve reached those upper echelons of the rankings tend to average 90 minutes per session.


It’s those players who’ve spent so many hours in EVE: Valkyrie that have pushed the total human player kills up to 6,600,000. Quite an impressive feat considering virtual reality (VR) is still fairly niche. Half of those kills were achieved over the course of October, November and December 2016, with 1 million pilot kills per month. October saw the highest spike hitting 1.2m player kills because of the PlayStation VR launch.

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