Sony Developing 200 Titles For PlayStation VR

Sony Developing 200 Titles For PlayStation VR
March 7, 2017

Following a quiet launch of the PlayStation VR headset in October last year, Sony has revealed that the games and apps library for the virtual reality (VR) headset will grow substantially in the near future. 


According to a report posted on VentureBeat, the Japanese games giant is claiming that "more than 220 software titles and experiences" are in development, with around 100 of them set to hit the market this year.


But these titles won't all be games; the PSVR has content such as "360 degree video hubs" and "VR music videos". 


Nevertheless, VentureBeat claims that the upcoming titles Ace Combat 7, Final Fantasy XV, Gran Turismo Sport and Tekken 7 will all incorporate VR gameplay in some form. 


Only a handful of games are available for the PSVR, including the recently announced Dirt Rally VR and Resident Evil 7, and the New York Times says Sony executives have been "surprised" at its success. 


As of February, they had sold 915,000 headset, it says, significantly more than the Oculus Rift's 243,000 and the HTC Vive's 420,000 units for the whole of last year. Sony aims to sell a million PSVRs by April. 


Meanwhile, The Verge reports Sony will launch its Aim Controller in a new console bundle on 16 May. The controller is around the same size as rifle and can be used for a more immersive first-person shooter experience. 

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