Snapchat Easter Egg AR Hunt: How To Play Today

Snapchat Easter Egg AR Hunt: How To Play Today
April 20, 2019

There are loads to collect, but sadly there's no chocolate involved...


SNAPCHAT has an Easter Egg hunt where you have to track down virtual eggs in the real world – using the app.


It's called the Great Snapchat Egg Hunt, and makes use of the location-tracking Snap Map feature.

Snapchat has hidden eggs all over the UK, which you can collect


The game appears to be a riff on Pokémon Go-style games, where you make use of the phone's camera to physically collect items – in this case, an egg.


Simply go into the Snap Map section of your app and you'll see decorated eggs dotted around your local area.


These eggs will be "hidden" at public locations: coffee shops, shopping centres, airports and more.


"Just like the age-old game, Snapchatters must travel to the eggs' physical location on the Snap Map in the real world to find them," Snapchat explains.

Snapchatters across the world will be competing to collect the higher number of eggs


Each egg awards one point, although there is a rare five-point golden egg hidden in the world too.


When you're near the egg on the Snap Map, tap on it to open a 3D World Lens – which uses your rear-facing camera – to collect it.


If you're near to a "chick" on the map, you can unlock a special "Mini-Game Lens" that gives you a chance to win anywhere from three to 10 points.


Your total score will be tallied in the upper-right corner of Snap Map, along with your global rank – and rank among friends.


There's no "race" element because all Snapchatters have the opportunity to collect every egg on the Snap Map.


However, some Snapchatters will inevitably collect more eggs than others, so there will be a winner.


If you're privacy-conscious and don't want to use Snap Map, you can still play the game in Ghost Mode – buy your score will only be visible to you.


And as always, you can choose who you share your location with: friends, selected people, or no one at all.


The game is available to play right now.

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