Sky Dive In A Wind Tunnel With A Gear VR

Sky Dive In A Wind Tunnel With A Gear VR
February 1, 2018

Samsung has teamed up with the first indoor skydiving in the Benelux region to offer people a taste of the experience of skydiving over different locations, without actually hopping on a plane and going there. Situated in the city of Roosendaal and simply titled Indoor Skydive Roosendaal, the venue lets consumers take to the skies inside a wind tunnel. It’s just like any other wind tunnel, but Samsung has thrown the Gear VR into the mix to add a virtual reality element.


Gear VR enables indoor skydiving over global destinations

Basically, you can strap on the Gear VR (after you’ve donned a helmet to protect against head injuries), tell the instructors where you want to free fall, and they’ll fire up a virtual reality video taken from the skies in that particular location. The simulation begins at 3,800 meters above the chosen destination; San Diego, Hawaii, and Dubai are the supported locations at the moment, but the company says that more cities will be added later on. It’s among the more interesting implementations of virtual reality, and Samsung is likely to benefit as far as marketing for the Gear VR is concerned, even though having a similar experience with the headset is next to impossible sitting at home.

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