Ski Jump VR Looks To Take Flight With Funding

Ski Jump VR Looks To Take Flight With Funding
January 26, 2017

The developer of the virtual reality game Ski Jump VR has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in order to get the game off the ground.


The Ski Jump game in a previous version was available on mobile for Android and iOS, and developer Dariusz Pietrala is looking to take it into virtual reality.


The gameplay of Ski Jump VR includes you, the skier, standing at the top of one of 10 different hills. There are three different modes to play in as well as the option to play with the controller, the mouse or with real jumping.


For the VR standard mode, you control your player with head tracking and with a mouse or controller. In VR basic and non-VR mode, everything is controlled with the mouse or controller and no head rotation. In Real jumping mode, it’s a room-scale set up with HTC Vive, controlling your player in the air with head position and controllers position.


The game will be available for PC, HTC Vive and Oculus.


According to Pietrala, $2,000 will be needed to fund this game to make the game faster and better. A $5,000 funding would allow there to be five additional hills, resulting in 15 hills total. And $10,000 would result in five more hills (25 in total) and the ability to design your own skis in the game.


“I hope you help us fund this game, and if not at least share it to your friends and maybe they will like to help fund this game,” Pietrala said.

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