Sharknado In VR Is Even Sillier Than Expected

Sharknado In VR Is Even Sillier Than Expected
August 26, 2018

Shoot sharks while looking dumber than a hammerhead.


The rise of virtual reality has brought us some great things: that bit in Arkham VR where you get to throw tea cups at Alfred’s stupid face, the virtual hell-on-Earth that is VRchat, and of course motion sickness, oh the motion sickness. Now though, the medium has reached its true peak, letting you step inside one of the most highly regarded movie franchises of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, Sharknado VR. 


The news of Sharknado VR’s existence comes via a brand new trailer featuring live clips pulled straight from the movies, plenty of shark-based screenwipe effects, and a brief, but oh so memorable look at some gameplay. It’s essentially a shooting gallery set in the middle of the world’s most chaotic tropical storm, as sharks are thrown at you from all directions. You’ve got a shotgun and a chainsaw at your disposal, which you’ll need as (and I can’t stress this enough), there are literally hundreds of sharks falling out of the sky, ready to munch your face off. 


Sharknado has never been a series that takes itself too seriously, so you can bet there’s plenty of dumb fun to be had with rocket launchers, submachine guns and even bonuses for landing headshots.  

Sharknado VR will come to pretty much all VR platforms in 2018, though a solid release date has not been given. You’ll have to wait then, until more details are released, but rest assured we’ll be bringing you more info as soon as we get it.

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