Serious Sam VR Update Gives You New Powers

Serious Sam VR Update Gives You New Powers
July 30, 2017

Croteam VR have announced a new update for Serious Sam VR which brings a new skills and power-up system to help Sam and his neverending war against the aliens. The new skills and power-up system mean, for the first time in the series, that Sam’s alien killing prowess is not limited by his weapon handling skills.  A new trailer has been released showcasing these new systems, and you can watch it below…


This latest update will give Sam Stone access to a skill tree that allows him to unlock passive and active abilities that can be purchased in shops alongside weapons using skill points that can be gained by completing planets.  Higher difficulty levels will mean more points meaning that players will be able to unlock more skill abilities that better match their play style.


Tactical orbital lasers, plasma cannons, holographic decoys and swarms of flying quadcopters are among the new items able to be unlocked.


The update also provides players with the options to improve and upgrade weapons by completing perfect runs but only one weapon upgrade can be gained per difficulty per planet.

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