Sega Genesis Classics Now Works With PSVR

Sega Genesis Classics Now Works With PSVR
July 26, 2018

Even though the PlayStation VR isn’t getting a lot of new games (like the PS4 is), several developers are still supporting the peripheral. And now Sega has decided to provide it with some old-school love, making players feel like they’re sitting in their bedroom in the 90’s all over again. Crank “Smells Like Teen Spirit”!


The company noted on Twitter earlier today that a new update has gone live for the PlayStation 4 version of Sega Genesis Classics, allowing full support for PlayStation VR. You can find the details in the tweet below. The update should apply automatically the next time you start the game up.

With this, you actually go into the bedroom that’s featured in the game’s general menu. That means you can wander around the room and take a look around, such as with your cartridge library or over on the table where you’ve unlocked awards. You can also stare at a television screen where your games are playing instead of going to the default full-screen like the game normally does. It’s not a ground-breaking VR experience but it is pretty cool.


If you want a closer look, a user by the name of Gamertag VR has posted a new video that shows how the virtual reality experience works. There’s about a good hour’s worth of gameplay here which should get you acquainted with how this part of the game works. Again, it’s pretty neat but not necessary when it comes to enjoying the classics.


That said...can we get one of those Golden Axe axes for our office? We need to do some, ahem, “battling.”


Sega Genesis Classics is available now for PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One and PC. Various Sega games will also be released through the Sega Ages program for Nintendo Switch with the first two titles reportedly arriving next month.

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