Say Hello To Dex, Your AR Dog Companion

Say Hello To Dex, Your AR Dog Companion
March 25, 2018
Experience the joy of an adorable labrador named Dex.


With the continued rise of augmented reality (AR) and the ever growing number of devices capability of supporting the technology, new titles are always appearing. Today, you can say hello to your new AR dog companion, Dex.


Developed by Labrodex Studios, this adorable Labrador Dex is the latest in AR pet simulation videogames that bring the joy of interactive with a pet to your device. Based on the company mascot, Dex is a furry friend who is brought to life thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine and AR technology allowing anyone to bring him into their own front room.


Labrodex Studios are sponsors of Dex who is part of the Guide Dog foundation and is being actively supported by them along with Wounded Warrior Project and America’s Vet Dogs. App has been developed as a passion project and as a way to raise awareness to this organisation. Additionally, the developers want to provide the entertainment found within pet simulators into the the real world and give dog lovers a chance to express that love.


Dex: Your AR Dog Companion is a fully trainable friend meaning players will be able to level him up to reliably perform simple commands such as “sit” and even play tricks like “peek-a-boo”. Though he is a virtual pet Dex still has needs and players will need to make sure their give him enough food and play with him offer. As the developers say, a happy dog is also an obedient dog. Elsewhere players will be able to build up a collection of virtual tools each with a unique interaction with Dex.


Depending on the success of the product the developers at Labrodex Studios have plans to bring a number of new features to the title as well. This includes a number of accessories for Dex, including collars and maybe even socks, a Dog house, progressive training and even possible dog play dates. Dex: Your AR Dog Companion is available now on iOS and Android.


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