‘Rez Infinite’ Behind the Scenes Dev Diary Released

‘Rez Infinite’ Behind the Scenes Dev Diary Released
September 30, 2016
If any of you remember Rez, the old Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 musical rail shooter that defined synesthesia as a gameplay aspect, be excited about the virtual reality experience, Rez Infinite. Tetsuya Mizuguchi brings us into the life of the original Rez through a new developer diary from Enhance Games. He talks about how the idea for the original game came to be and what it is that they want to do with this more enhanced version of the game; the version that they had envisioned since the beginning. No, there is no trance vibrator with this new, PlayStation VR game, but there is an added area that the developers call ‘Area X’ that allows you to move freely as though you were flying or swimming.

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