PSVR Tiny Trax Racing Game Revealed

PSVR Tiny Trax Racing Game Revealed
June 4, 2017

FuturLab has this week revealed the first footage of their new PlayStation VR game Tiny Trax which combines racing, toy slot cars, crazy tracks and virtual reality.


Check out the first Tiny Trax gameplay trailer below to learn more about what you can expect from this new PlayStation VR title being created by developers FuturLab.

Did you ever wish for your toy cars to completely defy gravity, or to race on crazy tracks that went far beyond the limits of reality? We’ve taken the slot-car format made popular by Scalextric and Carrera, and pumped it up a few notches!


Adding lane-switching, boost and a super-smooth drifting mechanic to recharge your boost gauge, Tiny Trax expands the slot-car experience by introducing a whole new set of skills to wrap your thumbs around. We’ll even put your car back on the track if you overcook a corner! :p Steer your car as if it were radio controlled, zipping along walls, dunking underwater, flying overhead, and looping upside-down through ice-caves and space stations!


Tiny Trax brings the action to you with tiny cars skidding past your nose, jumping overhead and drifting around your feet — it feels wonderful to race around imaginative tracks that surround you in VR.

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