Promising PSVR Titles Showcased At Chinajoy 2017

Promising PSVR Titles Showcased At Chinajoy 2017
August 4, 2017

Sony’s trying really hard to stimulate the console development scene in China, and in addition to its adaptation ofMonkey King: Hero Is Back, it’s also partnered with a bunch of developers to bring brand new content to PlayStation VRon a global basis. As part of its ChinaJoy 2017 press conference overnight, it revealed four new titles, so read on to learn a little more about all of them:



Similarly to the recently released Perception, you can only see properly when making sound in Stifled. This means that, playing as protagonist David Ridley, you’ll need to create noise as you traverse the game’s horror world – utilising either objects found within the game or PlayStation VR’s built-in microphone. Of course, the more sound you make, the more you’re likely to attract the attention of enemies, so it’s a risk/reward system that promises to heighten tension as you weigh your need to see against remaining undercover.

Kill X


Kill X is a first-person shooter set on a secret island, where you need to investigate horrifying experiments that are being conducted on human subjects. With puzzles and plenty of firepower, you’ll need to take down the release’s mutated inhabitants – and get to the bottom of exactly what’s been going on.

Legion Commander


A real-time strategy game that implements card collecting mechanics, in Legion Commander you’ll need to assemble your deck in order to forge a team capable of overcoming the enemy.

The Walker


The Walker sees you assume the role of a distant descendant of the ancient Fangxiang family, whose distinctive specialty in swordplay and sorcery has not been lost to time. You’ll be tasked with taking down a demonic militia using a combination of spells and melee combat. Set in Shanghai, this one is promising a spot of virtual tourism – well, in between larger-than-life boss battles, of course.

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