Portal In HoloLens: The Best Demo Ever

Portal In HoloLens: The Best Demo Ever
February 7, 2017

Microsoft's HoloLens headset isn't a toy. There's no release date for a consumer version, and the current oh-so-limited-but-awesome development kit costs US $3,000 a pop.


And yet, I've never wanted to play with a HoloLens more. That's because Toronto developer Kenny Wang figured out a way to use the HoloLens to bring Portal to the real world.


Portal, in case you're unaware, is the famous video game from Valve where you use a "portal gun" to escape a hilariously deadly laboratory by solving space-bending puzzles. You place the two portals (one blue and one orange) anywhere in the game environment, and no matter where they're placed, one is connected to the other.

Only now, Kenny Wang can place those portals in his real-world surroundings, merging the real and the virtual. His virtual Companion Cube rolls down real stairs. It shoots out a virtual portal and lands on his real dining room table.


Wang, a recent college graduate still looking for a job, tells us the demo took a few weeks "on and off" to make. He says he's already been approached by a few people from Microsoft about his recent creations.

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