Pokemon Go's Tracking System Update Goes Live

Pokemon Go's Tracking System Update Goes Live
November 26, 2016
(Photo : Getty Images /Kyodo News ) A smartphone screen shows the 'Pokemon Go' mobile game in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 3, 2016, when the smash-hit game was released in Brazil prior to the summer Olympic Games in the Brazilian city.


The "Pokemon Go" tracking system has finally gone live and it has been working successfully, gamers who have been stranded and quit playing "Pokemon Go" because of its tracking system can get back into the game.


It has been working excellent in high density areas like cities providing new options, when the list is checked for nearby Pokemon the Pokestop photo that is closest to each of the Pokemon appears on the list as per CNET.


The footstep icons are back and it will show the nearest Pokestop more in open areas, some users have reported that the Pokespot tracking does not show up in some areas. It might be limited to high density cities for now but it is believed to get better eventually.


There is also bonus XP for Thanksgiving and the new tracker is available to all players in the US of all states except Hawaii and Alaska. It is also available in Canada and Australia but not all the areas as mentioned on Droid Life.


It features the Pokemon and tells if the player has caught them in the past, the capturing of Pokemon is said to be easier with the tracking system. It reveals an aerial map of the exact location directing the player to get to the spot. Nearby sightings are also believed to be spotted. However, this feature was also available in the previous test tracker.


The best part for all "Pokemon Go" lovers is the new Pokemon "Ditto," players have already captured "Ditto" and it is said to appear in other Pokemon disguises and the player will not know until and unless it Ditto is revealed.


Players will receive a double Stardust when completing in-game actions, as for the double XP deal it is already up and running till November 30th. The players who have stopped playing the game due to the tracking system have started all over again and there has been an increase in the number of Pokemon Go lovers. 


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