Pokemon Go Tops Google Play Trending Games' List

Pokemon Go Tops Google Play Trending Games' List
December 4, 2016
Google Play has announced that 'Pokemon Go' is the most trending game on its app store for this year. It is said that a huge update expected to arrive this month will further up the hit augmented reality title's status. The update will allegedly add about 100 new Pokemon.   (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)


Niantic Labs' "Pokemon Go" continues to dominate the trending games lists everywhere. Google Play has just announced that the augmented reality mobile title is the most trending game on the app store.


According to Venture Beat, the announcement was made on Thursday. The news doesn't come as a surprise for those who have heard of how the game has slammed records ever since it was released. "Pokemon Go" is indeed a dominant name in the mobile gaming world.


The latest statistics reveal that "Pokemon Go" has a total of 500 million unique players in its fan base. It is also said to be the fastest mobile game in terms of reaching a revenue estimate of about $500 million. The game has also managed to top "Clash of Clans" when it comes to earnings.


"Pokemon Go" may retain its trending reign if it receives an alleged huge update this month. An earlier report says Niantic Labs will provide players what they've been demanding to get from the hit game. There will be over a hundred new Legendary Pokemon added into the title. It is also said that player-versus-player battle modes will be included.


Fans will have to wait for further news on the purported new update for "Pokemon Go" but many are looking forward to seeing the changes applied. There are some players who have reportedly stopped playing the game due to the developer's lack of attention to their requests. However, the upcoming update may be Niantic's response to these demands.


The following creatures are expected to be added into the "Pokemon Go" database: Charmander, Metapod, Weedle, Beedrill, Pidgeotto, Sandslash, and many more. Ditto is the most recent Legendary Pokemon who has been included in the roster. It is widely speculated that there will be additional Legendary Pokemon that will be added so fans will be more pumped up to play the game.


"Pokemon Go" was released July 6 and during its first 90 days in the mobile gaming community, there were already over 500 million downloads recorded. The game has also been reported to have made about $600 million in revenues during the said period. It remains to be seen how this rumored huge update will affect the game's current revenue records.

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