Pokemon GO Is Coming to Apple Watch

Pokemon GO Is Coming to Apple Watch
September 7, 2016
A wild Snorlax might appear on your Apple Watch...by the end of the year!

t's not just Mario for iPhone. The mega-hit mobile game Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch as well, by the end of the year. If your pocket monster hunting habit wasn't already helping you burn calories, Apple and game developer Niantic are hoping the Apple Watch version will. Not only will it let you keep your phone in your pocket while tracking down the imaginary creatures -- it'll track your steps and calories burned in real time, so you can integrate Pokemon Go into your fitness routine.

But if you're not into Pokemon Go for the exercise, the Apple Watch companion app could still come in handy. It'll tap your wrist when you approach a PokeStop, show you nearby Pokemon and alert you when you earn medals or when your eggs hatch.

(Normally, the game won't let you do those things unless you have your phone out, with the game visible onscreen.) "With Pokemon Go on Apple Watch, I will never miss a PokeStop," said John Hanke, CEO and founder of the game's developer, Niantic. In other words, it's a lot like Nintendo's upcoming $35 Pokemon Go Plus accessory -- only probably a lot more useful because it has a screen.

According to Hanke, Pokemon Go has already been downloaded 500 million times on iOS, and players have walked 4.6 billion kilometers while playing the game.

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