Play 'Dying Light' With Tobii Eye Tracking Tech

Play 'Dying Light' With Tobii Eye Tracking Tech
January 24, 2017

A few weeks ago at CES, Tobii announced that Dying Light would get eye-tracking support. Now, an update is available that integrates the technology within the game. Techland (the studio that made the game) also showed off the new features in a video.


When you start the game, you’ll see a new tab labeled “Eye Tracking” in the game’s options section. Within this tab, you’ll see multiple features that work with a Tobii eye tracking device. This includes “Dynamic Light,” which will increase the brightness of the area where you’re eyes are looking, as well as the “Clean UI” tool that turns elements, such as the minimap or the objective lists, opaque so that you don’t get distracted during gameplay. They will, though, reappear if you look at their respective positions on the screen.


You can also use eye tracking to help fight the undead. You can hit your intended target with throwable weapons by aiming with your eyes. Once the zombie is down, you can loot them by merely glancing at their corpse, thanks to the automatic interaction ability. If you find yourself outnumbered and need to run away, eye tracking can slightly speed up the running and climbing process.


You can look at a close ledge or barrier in order to climb or vault over the obstacle. If you’re in a dark room, you can toggle on the flashlight and use your eyes to direct where the beam of light shines in the area.


The full list of eye-tracking features in Dying Light is below.

  • Clean UI

  • Extended View (can adjust sensitivity, maximum horizontal and vertical angles)

  • Auto Pause

  • Dynamic Light

  • Automatic Interaction With Gaze (can adjust initiation speed)

  • Flashlight Control

  • Multi-Throw With Gaze

  • Throw With Gaze

  • Interact With Gaze

  • Zombie Awareness

  • Vault With Gaze

  • Climb With Gaze

  • Auto-Climb When Sprinting


Along with Dying Light, Tobii also announced that Watch Dogs 2 would get eye-tracking support, which brings the number of Tobii-supported titles up to 45. Without a doubt, Tobii will try and continue to bring eye-tracking technology to more games throughout the year, but as we found out at CES this year, the company also has efforts in other areas, most notably foveated rendering for VR devices.

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