Play Casino-style Blackjack On Your Oculus Rift

Play Casino-style Blackjack On Your Oculus Rift
June 18, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada -June 15th, 2018 - iCandy Games, in joint collaboration with Hologram Software LTD. announce the launch of Blackjack Bailey VR , a casino style blackjack game available for the Oculus Rift.


Blackjack Bailey VR is a single player, Blackjack table game that is played in virtual reality. The game features a cute and charismatic female blackjack dealer that goes by the name of Bailey and offers the thrills of being at a real casino, without the risk of losing real money. The game uses simulated gambling, so there are no real money transactions within the game and allows the player to practice their blackjack strategy before heading to a real casino.



- Casino table gaming in Virtual Reality

- A cute and charismatic female dealer

- No real money transactions

- Unlimited play with no in game purchases

- Las Vegas casino house rules

- Comfortable seated play - no motion sickness


Device Requirements:

Oculus Rift + compatible computer

140 MB storage space

Pricing and Availability:

Regular price: $4.99

Available now


Blackjack Bailey website:


Blackjack Bailey on Oculus Rift:


Blackjack Bailey VR for Oculus Rift trailer:


About iCandy Games Inc.

iCandy Games Inc. is a Las Vegas based independent game development studio and publisher focused on creating entertaining VR games for the casual player.


Press Contact

Mike Amerson

President & Creative Director

iCandy Games Inc.


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