Play Boggle In Your Oculus Goggles

Play Boggle In Your Oculus Goggles
May 26, 2018
VR Boggle, if you have a friend to play with.
 © Oculus


Hasbro's first VR game just arrived in Oculus Rooms, the shared social space on the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go platforms. Boggle is now something you can play with your VR friends, if you have VR friends (I find it hard to make any).


Facebook announced that Hasbro games were coming to Oculus at the F8 conference a few weeks ago, and the first one, Boggle, has just arrived. It's part of the free social app called Rooms, a virtual home where friends can be invited to meet, chat, watch Facebook videos and play games at a fixed game table. 


Boggle looks like it's played exactly like Boggle has always been played. And, as something quick to challenge a friend with, it seems like a perfect fit. Other Rooms games include checkers and a memory-type game. 


Next on deck should be games based on Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit; based on the announcement from Oculus, which calls future games "brand experiences," it's hard to tell if they'll all be complete board game recreations, but we'll see.


For now, Boggle away in your goggles.

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