Oculus Touch To Announce 50+ Titles Next Week

Oculus Touch To Announce 50+ Titles Next Week
November 24, 2016

If you’ve purchased an Oculus Rift and Touch, it is time to start getting excited.

An Oculus spokesperson confirmed to UploadVR the company plans to have 50 Touch titles available for the debut of Oculus Touch on Dec. 6. The titles likely represent a mishmash of content that had been originally released for Steam and the HTC Vive combined with original titles funded by Oculus as well as upgrades to gamepad-controlled VR games. Oculus said it plans to reveal the finalized list of content next week.

We’ve already reviewed three of these titles: MediumThe Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge. These experiences suggest the full realized Rift and Touch system is off to a very good start when it comes to content, and adding some of the best of what’s available on HTC Vive would be a dream come true for Touch buyers. 

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