Now I Have To Buy A Rift To Be Captain Marvel

Now I Have To Buy A Rift To Be Captain Marvel
July 18, 2017

Listen, TMSers, you knew the Mouse was gonna come back today. D23 isn’t over yet.


As part of the expo, Disney unveiled a demo of Marvel Powers United VR, a virtual reality superhero game where you can play as Rocket Raccoon, the Hulk, aaaand…CAPTAIN MARVEL!


That’s right. This game lets you punch and blast things as the Carol Danvers incarnation of Captain Marvel. (Unfortunately, no Monica Rambeau at the moment.) There’s also a fourth playable character, whom io9 wrote they “can’t reveal just yet.” While the fact that this game managed to include a talking raccoon and a radioactive monster before it included any character of color is oh-so-Marvel, I can’t deny that the child inside me still wants to Princess-Sparklefists the hell out of some comic book villains as Captain Marvel.


Plus, since Marvel Powers United doesn’t launch until 2018, and the press release promises “more than a dozen playable characters,” I’m cautiously hopeful that the final lineup will be more inclusive.


Unfortunately, the Oculus Rift still costs around $500, so I’m also going to need that lead time to make some rich friends before it comes out.


But hey, Marvel! If you’re taking requests while you’re working on this thing…Can I please punch and Panther-blast things as Shuri from Black Panther? Please? Don’t limit this amazing character design to just the movie!


Besides “lower price point,” which character would you all most like to see added to the game?

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