New Level For Warhammer: End Times

New Level For Warhammer: End Times
November 12, 2016

Earlier this week, we looked at how Red Alert 2 functioned in VR via Ádám Horváth's proof of concept demo. Now, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintidedeveloper Fatshark has announced that it's adding a standalone "experience" to its multiplayer FPS, that'll be free of charge and exclusive to the HTC Vive. 


Details are thin on the ground for now, however Fatshark promises "more details shortly" via a Steam Community post, and also offers a glimpse at how it'll function in this here livestream


Starting off in a dimly let tavern, you play an apprentice who's being tested to prove their worth. The player is seen navigating the level—which links this central area to a forest, Castle Dachenfels, and a series of tunnels—by way of teleportation. 


Twitch fellow Matt Zagursky hosts the stream and is regularly caught off guard by rat swarms and knife-sharpening barkeeps, and it's admittedly pretty funny. Highlights include seeing Zagursky, otherwise known as Sevadus, navigating the tunnel zone by rail-mounted hand cart, and later throwing fireballs and operating a bow.    

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