The New Gran Turismo On PSVR Is Disappointing

The New Gran Turismo On PSVR Is Disappointing
June 27, 2017

A lot of the enthusiasm for GT Sport centres went around the prospect of playing one of the most popular racing game series in virtual reality on PSVR. That excitement was quickly dulled when series creator Kaz Yamauchi said that you won’t be getting the whole game playable in VR, but that there will be a “VR Tour”.


Now, in an interview with Venture Beat from E3, he’s sound less and less impressed by what virtual reality currently entails and what they’re able to do with PlayStation VR.


He said “The first head-mounted display was created before I was born, around 1962 [laughs]. I’ve been waiting for more than 50 years. After all that time, I’d hoped it would be something more incredible than it is today. But we’ve done the best we can with what’s currently available.”


Besides, the legendary series producer also revealed that the game would only support one-on-one races in VR.


He’s still a little optimistic for the future of the technology though, saying, “Once we get to dual 8Ks, it’ll be pretty nice. Dual 8K and about a 200Hz refresh rate. Maybe in another 50 years?”


Further to that, there’s also the topic of motion sickness, which may be another reason why the VR Tour sounds more and more like a gentle Sunday afternoon drive through the country as opposed to full on racing, as is possible in some other games on various VR platforms.


“If you’re driving carefully, staying on the track, driving as you’re intended to, you won’t get sick,” he said. “As long as you keep the car under control, you’re fine. But if you run off the track or spin out, you’ll get sick. It’s the same as in a real car. You can’t avoid it. If you spin out a real car….”


Honestly, it sounds to me as if he would rather simply not have VR in the game at all…

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