New England Wins Baseball VR World Series

New England Wins Baseball VR World Series
August 19, 2018

The 2018 Little League Baseball World Series featuring a special Home Run Derby VR championship tournament has come to an end. The tournament was hosted by Major League Baseball in partnership with Little League International and ESPN. 12-year-old Aiden Wilkins took home the tournament title while representing the New England region from Coventry, RI, after defeating Japan’s Yuta Shimizu in an exciting back-and-fourth final round.


The tournament features 16 teams from the United States and from around the world including South Korea, Spain, Australia, Canada and Japan. The players all competed in a four-round bracket-style tournament, using an All-Star multiplayer edition of the popular and award-winning VR videogame which was set in a high resolution recreation of Nationals Park.


Those looking to catch up on the tournament action will be able to do so thanks to a 30-minute special highlight recap show which will be airing on ESPN and the ESPN app on Sunday, August 19th, at 4:30pm (ET).

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