NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers Launch AR Game App

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers Launch AR Game App
April 24, 2017
Cleveland Cavaliers' Deep in the Q app


The Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team have launched an augmented reality mobile game app as an incentive for fans who attend their home playoff games.


The Deep in the Q app is a mobile game for iOS that is designed to be played in the basketball stadium during the game. The idea is for a trigger graphic to come up on the main scoreboard in the stadium.


The app opens your smartphone camera and the trigger graphic launches an augmented reality basketball net. The game lets you move your phone around to view the net from all angles so you can shoot virtual hoops and earn points.


According to TechCrunch, the Cavaliers, who are the reigning NBA champions, intend to hold competitions during the game as part of making an interactive fan experience, such as offering a prize to users who can make 10 shots in a row.


It also helps that the app is sponsored by Bud Light, and users will see the logo whenever they play the game.


It's a great idea, clearly inspired by Pokémon Go. And even if you aren't at the stadium, you can still play the game, rack up achievements and beat other fans on online leaderboards. However, it's also just one more reason for people to be on their phones rather than watching the entertainment they've paid good money to see.


Internet, we need to have a serious chat about the amount of time we're spending on devices when we're at live entertainment events. Augmented reality is great, but do you really need to be on that phone? How about just watching the game?

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