'Naked Sun' VR Shooter Will Not Make You Sick

'Naked Sun' VR Shooter Will Not Make You Sick
July 15, 2018

The developers behind the upcoming virtual reality shooter Naked Sun say the game, which releases July 17, won't give players motion sickness.

"The game’s stunning visuals – rendered over a 180-degree field of action – are perfect for devices without room scale," says a representative for the game.  "You’ll also avoid motion sickness altogether."


Naked Sun takes place at the start of the 23rd century after humans finally lost the Earth to artificial intelligence.  Machines turned against their creators as every android was updated with a new prime directive that would make Futurama's Bender very excited: Eliminate all humans.  Abandoned cities, high radiation levels, and the constant android threat has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction.  A handful of survivors hide in the ruins and are fighting back despite the enemy having the advantage.


Developed by Door Z Studio, Naked Sun will be available on Steam and Oculus, Tuesday, July 17 at $11.19 (30% off).  The game will return to its original price of $15.99 on July 24 – one week after launch.  Door Z Studio says the PSVR version will be released in late August.

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