Minecraft Comes to Smartphones Via Augmented Reality

Minecraft Comes to Smartphones Via Augmented Reality
March 24, 2020
Source: EFE


Minecraft Earth, which is already available in the united States and was officially presented this Saturday in New York, he moved to the real world the universe of blocks of this game that triumphs over the past 10 years and currently playing more than 100 million people around the world.


This new version uses the camera of the smartphone and augmented reality technology to integrate the characteristic graphs of 8-bit Minecraft in the place in which is located the player.


“This is Minecraft in real life”, explained to Efe Jesse Merriam, executive producer of the game during the presentation of the same in the streets of New York, in the shadow of the brand-new sculpture The Vesselone of the major new tourist attractions of the city.


According to Merriam, the creators have filled the entire planet with objects and inhabitants that can interact with the players, as in previous versions, can also build their own structures.


The possibility of placing such creations in the environment and to “actual size” is one of the great attractions of the game, which in its use of augmented reality reminds the great success Pokemón GO.


So, Minecraft Earth looking for players to have to go out to the streets to access at certain points to different objects and characters, and encourages users to interact between them.


Merriam, in any case, he stressed that the game is designed so that it can be played to the full in every “neighborhood” and that there is the possibility to access all its elements in nearby places.


For now, the app is available for Android and iOS in the united States, but is expected to before the end of the year can be used all over the world.


For the launch in New York, the makers of the game led to the Big Apple a series of “statues” real characters of the universe Minecraft so that passers-by could get an idea of what this new version.


The presentation, which will be also conducted in London and Sydney, drew, this Saturday, to many people on a cold morning in new york.


According To Merriam, Minecraft Earth it is a game “for everyone”, both for fans of the franchise-you may benefit from their prior knowledge – like for new users that will have a more simple and free to enter into such a universe.


The first Minecraft it was launched in 2009 and created by the Swedish Markus Persson, known as Notch -out of the world that you imagined since you bought Microsoft, in 2014-; and their different versions have been adapted for Wii, PlayStation and computers, among others.


Considered as one of the most influential video games of recent years, Warner Bros has planned to take him to the cinema in a film whose premiere is expected for 2022.

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