Mi-Hiepa Sports Is The Future Of Football Drills

Mi-Hiepa Sports Is The Future Of Football Drills
March 4, 2018

Mi Hiepa was announced a few months back but has recently been showing off what it can do for players at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. Designed to allow coaches, managers, scouts and sports directors a rapid, standardised and measurable solution to train and review their talent pools.


By taking advantage of VR technology the program allows both new and existing players to train in a number of live drills and track their results and progress all within virtual space. This is done thanks to the HTC Vive Pro and tracking units which allows for pinpoint accuracy in the tracking to ensure that players have a lifelike, full-body experience within the virtual space.


Not just aimed at finding new talent though, the solution is also designed to allow for cognitive coaching, rehabilitation, performance reviews and skill training. You can see a demotion of Mi Hiepa in the video.

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