McLaren Debuts Special F1 VR Headset & Games

McLaren Debuts Special F1 VR Headset & Games
November 23, 2018

McLaren and HTC kicked off their partnership in May this year and on Friday revealed a limited-edition HTC VIVE Pro device ahead of this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


A custom RFactor 2-based version of McLaren sim racing has been produced that will enable users to race classic cars from the team's history.


There is also a simulation game where players can be part of the McLaren pit crew, and this includes a 'pitstop challenge' that is multiplayer.


Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC's China president, said the intention was to give fans a "unique experience that can't be had watching on television".


"That's where the future is going," Graylin said of combining virtual reality with sim racing. "It's not just people using a keyboard to play games, it's getting the full feel of being an athlete."


The Vive Pro VR headset is used by McLaren's official 'Shadow Project' initiative, which is a follow-up to last year's World's Faster Gamer contest and offers the winner a spot on its eSports team in 2019.


McLaren's Shadow Project finals will take place at the McLaren Technology Centre on January 14-17 2019.

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