Mash Your Opponents In Spuds Unearthed VR

Mash Your Opponents In Spuds Unearthed VR
January 1, 2019

It'll launch into Early Access for PC VR headsets first.


Having made a name for itself with virtual reality (VR) puzzle title Neverout in 2017, indie developer Gamedust has announced its next immersive title. Called Spuds Unearthed the comedic strategy videogame is due to launch on Steam Early Access in January 2019.

Described by Gamedust as an ‘asynchronous multiplayer mix of a dynamic action game and a god simulator’, Spuds Unearthed puts you in charge of the titular spuds. You happen to be an AI system on the Spuds baseship, to help them conquer the galaxy after they destroyed their homeworld because they love fighting among themselves so much.


Players will need to specialise their crew by assigning them to different classes before deployment to various planets. It’s not just troops you can create, build frontline forces made up of vehicles and robots, while an assortment of turrets can be placed for defensive capabilities.


These will need to be strategically created on the worlds you encounter, from zombie infested planets to other players Spuds squads in the asynchronous multiplayer world. Whilst playing you’ll earn and spend Playdust – the main currency – on blueprints to produce new equipment.

Spuds Unearthed will launch on Steam Early Access on 10th January for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with a PlayStation VR version planned for the future. The early access version will feature five Spud classes with special abilities, tanks and planes, twenty-five possible turret combinations, planetary conquest and the Spuds Home Planet with many factories to use for production of troops and weapons and an economic system.


As for future plans, Gamedust explains: “In the final version of the game we are planning to include more customization elements, like Spuds ageing and levelling, their reactions and over-reactions to some actions, and visual customization. You will also have the chance to form an alliance between yourself and other players and challenge your enemies together by creating clans. Apart from that, we will improve the game experience, add traps, turret levelling system, and polish the graphics. The gameplay is likely to have more modes (potentially pvp/co-op) and ranking system.”

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