Marvel/Rift Exclusivity Leaves Some Fans Frustrated

Marvel/Rift Exclusivity Leaves Some Fans Frustrated
July 18, 2017

Marvel Entertainment and Oculus Studios announced during the D23 Expo this year that a new exclusive first-person cooperative multiplayer action game from Sanzaru Games called Marvel Powers United will be released on PC for the Oculus Rift VR headset, complete with Oculus Touch support. Quite naturally, a bunch of VR enthusiasts were not pleased with the news about the game being exclusive to the Oculus VR platform.


The trailer features the Incredible Hulk, Rocket Raccoon and Captain Marvel. It’s become rather obvious that Marvel has been pushing Captain Marvel as a character quite heavily, but people don’t seem to be taking to her all that well.


In the trailer she also seems to be the least interesting character they showcase. You can check it out below courtesy of UploadVR.

The most interesting character of the group is most certainly the Hulk. He has a few long-range attacks, such as the ground stomp, but his main attacks center around getting up close, grabbing dudes and pummeling them into a pulp. There also appears to be physics based destruction, but it’s tough to tell right now if that’s organic or if it’s scripted.


There’s a fourth character on the roster that doesn’t get any air time in the trailer, a certain Ronan the Accuser. He’s one of the other playable characters but sadly we don’t get to see what his abilities or play-mechanics are like in the trailer above.


They have a fifth character with a question mark on the box that has “Coming Soon”, so we’ll likely find out who they are soon enough.


The game will feature unlockable content for the characters, as well as cooperative play for multiple people. They mention over on the official websitethat there will be “smart” “locomotion” implemented into the game, so you won’t just teleport around. That’s good news.


Of course, having cool looking gameplay and destructible environments doesn’t really mean much if the game is restricted to the Oculus platform. The comment section on the UploadVR trailer express disappointment in the exclusivity to Oculus.

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