Marvel Powers United VR: All You Should Know

Marvel Powers United VR: All You Should Know
July 13, 2018

This upcoming Oculus exclusive is shaping up to be a real blast.


Sanzaru Games, creators of other popular VR titles like Ripcoil and VR Sports Challenge, is bringing a Marvel-themed superhero game to Oculus Rift. Whether or not you're a fan of the Marvel universe, there's no doubt a lot to look forward to; here's everything we know so far.


What's new with Marvel Powers United VR?

Sanzaru Games recently treated us to a bunch of new characters and locations that will appear in Marvel Powers United VR, all leading up to the expected launch July 26, 2018.


Black Panther has been revealed as a playable hero, and you'll be able to visit his home nation of Wakanda. Magneto has likewise been added to the roster of playable villains, sitting alongside five others that have already been revealed.


How do I get Marvel Powers United VR?

Marvel Powers United VR is expected to launch July 26, 2018 exclusively on the Oculus Store. Expect to pay about $40.


What is Marvel Powers United VR?

Have you always wanted to wield Thor's hammer? Crack jokes like Deadpool? Smash concrete and steel with ease like The Hulk? Now you can, and it's all in VR. Take a first-person seat behind the eyes of your favorite Marvel characters as you battle it out in familiar locations.


You can go solo or you can team up with friends, and the bevy of playable characters means you can choose a playstyle that suits you best. Go slow and strong with The Hulk, throwing people around, or zip across the map as Deadpool for a first-person shooter (FPS) experience.


The main nut of gameplay has you and your team defending a main objective, with secondary objectives popping up throughout. Each round takes place in a Marvel location that fans will immediately recognize, and the number of extra unlockables and goodies will provide players with customization options to keep their squad original.


What playable characters are in Marvel Powers United VR?

We so far know of 16 playable heroes and villains in Marvel Powers United VR. For heroes, we've seen so far:

- Black Panther

- Rocket Racoon

- Deadpool

- Captain Marvel

- The Hulk

- Crystal

- Black Bolt

- Thor

- Hawkeye

- Black Widow


For villains, we've seen so far:

- Ronan the Accuser

- Loki

- Venom

- Ultron

- Magneto

- Dormammu


By the look of the website, there should be eight more heroes on the way and six more villains yet to come. Anyone else hoping for Spider-Man?


What are VR mechanics like in Marvel Powers United VR?

Thanks to VR, you're getting a front row seat behind the eyes of your favorite Marvel characters. Gameplay mechanics will no doubt change depending on the character you're using, but the game will take full advantage of Oculus Touch and a room-scale setup (though you can play sitting with a front-facing setup).


Standard locomotion will get you around, and depending on the hero or villain, you'll be able to jump, fly, or teleport around the map. It's fast-paced, colorful, and not without a bit of humor mixed in. One thing to note: if you're prone to nausea or motion sickness in VR, the game comes with a Moderate comfort rating.


How can I play Marvel Powers United VR?

Marvel Powers United VR is designed to be an Oculus exclusive, but third-party software like Revive should allow for those with HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality to play as well.


You can preorder Marvel Powers United VR now from the Oculus Store for about $40, but you'll have to wait for the expected July 26, 2018 release date to play.

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