Mario Kart VR Is Expanding Beyond Japan

Mario Kart VR Is Expanding Beyond Japan
July 14, 2018

Remember when you were younger and your siblings used to beat you mercilessly on Super Mario Kart, then later on Mario Kart 64? It instilled a a competitive edge inside you that still lives to this day, didn't it? You haven't put down a Nintendo controller since, have you? No, of course not - you've been in training. But for what? Well, this moment right here, that's what.


Mario Kart VR, the most immersive and advanced version of the racer playable on planet earth, and initially only playable in Ninty's native Japan, is now expanding. That's right, vengeance-seeker, starting at the London O2 Hollywood Bowl before expanding to two more UK locations later this summer, Mario Kart VR is coming home.


Running from HTC's Vive platform, the company has announced a partnership with Bandai Namco that will allow up to four players at once will be able to race alongside each other in an arcade-style experience. Feedback allows users to reach and grab items using the Vive Tracker and then hurl them at opponents, while haptics installed within the experience also mean you'll be able to feel every crunching contact from a shell and banana skin spin just that little bit more.


Of course, while this is all well and good for those in the UK looking to play the kart racer in virtual reality, we don't yet have any word on further expansion. Now that we know the franchise is open to other lands, though, it wouldn't be a surprise to see it land in more European cities and the US before long. Until then, continue your training.

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