Livestream VR Gameplays Directly To Facebook

Livestream VR Gameplays Directly To Facebook
March 11, 2017

It's not often that people associate Virtual Reality (VR) games being shared with friends as they do in terms of normal games on their PC or consoles. This was considered to be perhaps the greatest obstacle for the VR genre.


In this day and age, people usually no longer play games on their own. Instead, they prefer to share the experience with a friend or even a group. This is primarily why multiplayer and co-op games have such a wide appeal.


It seems now however, that Oculus, the Facebook-owned VR startup which handles the Samsung Gear VR's content app, is all set to make VR gaming with friends a reality.


Facebook Live Stream


Oculus has devised a way for people with Gear VR's to live stream the games that they are playing directly on Facebook.


The livestreaming functionality was available in other countries but with the recent announcement of an update, the company seems to have confirmed that the feature will now make its way to all Samsung smartphones with Gear VR compatibility, running on the latest version of Android.


"Whether you want to share the suspense of Face Your Fears or show off your sorcery skills in Wands, you can take your friends along for the ride," states Oculus.


To use the feature all that the user would have to do will be to select the "Livestream to Facebook" option from the Universal Menu while in VR. This would instantly start the livestreaming on the social networking site, where the users' friends would be able to view it just like they would any other live video.


This update was brought in by Oculus because it feels that VR can also become a medium which connects friends and people socially.


Other Changes In The Update


The latest update will also add features to the Rooms app, which is a virtual spot which can be used for friends to connect using the VR. New content can now be accessed when in Rooms like music videos from Vimeo.


Oculus has also added support for 360 videos on the VR platform for the first time and a voice search function has been included as well, which would lead to an easier way to find things which the user may be looking for.


The update also adds a feature known as Oculus Events, which will let users find highlighted VR events across all platforms and take part in these events if they wish to.


A Voice Speech recognition capability has been added to the Rift and Gear VR, which will currently let users navigate the different parts of the Oculus Home to find the games and apps. However, the company also states that the voice recognition functionality will be modified further to assist in added functionalities.


The Samsung Gear VR is currently priced at $79.99 on the company's official website. So, if you have not picked up one yet, these updates may surely entice to get one.


Check out the video announcing the update.

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