KryptCrawler Brings Dungeon To VR

KryptCrawler Brings Dungeon To VR
April 4, 2017

KryptCrawler will support the Samsung Gear VR touch controller and is due for release in summer 2017, watch the trailer above.


KryptCrawler is a VR dungeon crawler which will release for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. The game puts you deep in the heart of a foul and gloomy dungeon in which you must evade deadly traps and vicious creatures.


The dungeons are grid-based and contain tonnes of loot to collect and weapons to use. Featuring a retro soundtrack and challenging puzzles to conquer, KryptCrawler aims to combine classic dungeon crawling gameplay with modern VR technology.


The action is a blend of turn based and real time combat. Both melee weapons such as swords and ranged weapons like bows will be at the player’s disposal. There’s hours of content to enjoy with 10 story levels to explore and an ancient secret to expose.

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