Konrad The Kitten Launches On To PSVR

Konrad The Kitten Launches On To PSVR
May 16, 2018

PlayStation VR owners can now have their very own virtual reality kitten in FusionPlays VR simulation title Konrad the Kitten, which is now available.


Virtual pet simulation games have been around for years, from Kinect Animals to Nintendogs there is no denying that there are various types of simulation games out there for those who loath for their own (virtual) furry friend. But, what if there was a pet simulation game that was in virtual reality and allowed you to play with a cute little kitten all day? Well, Konrad the Kitten is perfect for you.


In Konrad the Kitten, players control a virtual avatar who is the proud owner of Konrad. Like any other pet, Konrad needs a lot of love, attention, oh and he needs help doing virtually everything. Whether it’s taking him to his litter box, feeding him, or letting him on a hot air balloon, this adorable little furball is heavily depended on you.


While this sounds like a chore, Konrad the Kitten’s most significant selling point is the innovative plush cat mode. This mechanic allows users to implement one of their favorite stuffed animals and brings the inanimate object to life (sort of), allowing you to mimic actions as if you are actually in the game.


You can view the PlayStation VR launch trailer along with some gameplay screenshots below this article. Konrad the Kitten is available now on HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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