Karnage Chronicles VR To Hit Steam On 24 April

Karnage Chronicles VR To Hit Steam On 24 April
April 5, 2017

A game called Karnage Chronicles that was once on Steam Greenlight is now coming to Steam Early Access due to it receiving good feedback. The VR game sports both a story and co-op play, and is set to come out for PC on April 24th.


Back on December 5th, 2016, a game by indie developers Nordic Trolls landed on Steam Greenlight. The VR game features a story that will have players figuring out their past that will inevitably shape the future, whilst sporting co-op functions.


The game has just landed on Steam Early Access “coming soon” page, and has the following text on its update section:


“It’s Alive! Oh, did you read “live?” Not yet, friends. The game is still in alpha, but we’re ready to release it to Early Access at the end of April. Keep an eye at this space for development updates and random dillydally!”


The most recent trailer for Karnage Chronicles sits below and runs for one minute and 16 seconds in length. The video trailer comes in byNordic Trolls.

The developers noted up front what the Early Access version of Karnage Chronicles will contain gameplay wise. The game during EA will average between one and a half to three hours of gameplay, which includes three play areas, each with their own unique monsters and boss fights.


During the Early Access phase the devs will add more classes, RPG elements and expand on the current content in the game, increasing the overall playtime supposedly beyond 10 plus hours.


The devs also talk about other areas and monsters being in the game that will spice up the overall scenery and encounters lying ahead:


“Each region in the game will feature several unique monsters and boss encounters, some featuring new twists on old tropes. We have a Vulture Bear!”


Seeing that this is an indie game, which was once on Greenlight, that receives frequent updates and is still going strong, means that the devs are really trying hard to bring out a decent VR title. Hopefully they pull things together so that it won’t be a title that will perpetually stay in Early Access, but a title that will flourish into the future.

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