Justice League Is One Of PSVR's Worst Experiences

Justice League Is One Of PSVR's Worst Experiences
December 5, 2017

With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 41 per cent, Justice League has divided opinion. But the Zack Snyder superhero flick looks like an Oscar winner in comparison to the abysmal PlayStation VR experience that Warner Bros has squeezed onto the PlayStation Store today. Essentially a minigame compilation a tier below the kind of shovelware you used to find in Wilkos for the Nintendo Wii, this dire distraction sees you assume the role of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and, of course, The Flash.


The minigames change depending upon who you choose, but each one is played with a PlayStation Move controller in each hand. Batman is probably the best of a very bad punch, sitting you inside the Batmobile and tasking you with steering the supercharged vehicle while shooting down goons. Superman and Aquaman are much the same thing, meanwhile, with one taking place above land and the other beneath the sea.


Then you’ve got Wonder Woman, a kind of tower defence title that plays like you’re stuck inside a jar of treacle. Skyrim VR highlighted just how goofy motion controlled combat can be when there’s no resistance against your attacks, but it’s somehow several layers worse here – the only positive is the cross shape you make with your hands to unleash a special attack. Elsewhere, Cyborg is basically a static shooting gallery, while The Flash sees you sprinting down a subway tunnel – pumping your arms to increase speed.


It’s this final minigame that really highlights just how insultingly bad this collection is, as it’s essentially broken from what we’ve played. There are no Trophies to collect, and while there’s a hub area with various Batman gizmos to observe, there’s really not much else to see or do. Of course, none of this would matter if it was free like the infinitely superior Spider-Man: Homecoming promotional piece, but Warner Bros wants £7.99 to experience this. To be honest, we’d rather watch Batman vs Superman on loop than play this again.

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